Beginner Crystals Set
Beginner Crystals Set

Beginner Crystals Set

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Are you drawn to crystals, but don’t know how to get started on your journey? This set is perfect for you!

Each crystal has multiple unique healing properties that have been used to improve our lives for centuries.

We have chosen these specific crystals based on their ease of use, uplifting vibrations, and the positivity they will bring into your life, which are perfect to start you off on your crystal journey.

Each Beginner Crystal Set will come with the included crystals (below) and a How-To Guide to get you started.

Crystals included in your set:

Green aventurine for luck & abundance

Tigers Eye for grounding & manifestation

Amethyst for protection & insight

Clear Quartz for amplification & power

Rose Quartz for connection & love

Obsidian for positivity & support

Selenite for cleansing & purification

*Each crystal is unique. Please allow for color/size variations of each crystal.